Effective corrective actions are critical to maintaining and improving a strong management system, unfortunately many companies struggle with implementing them.  Effective corrections require two levels of action. The first level, correcting the immediate problem, is something most companies do well. The second level, actions to ensure the issue does not happen again or happen somewhere else, seems to be a consistent weakness in many companies. 

McDae has developed a training to assist companies in implementing effective corrective actions. 

This training includes:

  • How to differentiate the heart of an issue from the side effects of an issue
  • How to identify the deeper “sickness” of an issue not just the surface level “symptoms”
  • How to correctly diagnose a cure for the sickness instead of a band-aid for the symptoms
  • The variety of approaches that can be used to evaluate the actions taken
  • Methods to identify and recognize weak and ineffective corrective actions

This course includes both classroom-based knowledge along with practical application through interactive real-life scenarios that participants will correct.  Participants will receive an 8D Corrective Action Form, an Excel based Corrective Action Log (including automated performance data) and a Certificate of Completion.

Who would benefit from this training:

  • Quality / Environmental / OH&S Management Representatives
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Department Managers
  • Shift Supervisors / Production Leads
  • Supplier Quality Representatives