Management Review Training

Management Reviews are a requirement of all standards, and will be audited. A comprehensive Management Review that starts with robust planning, includes stimulating content, and results in specific action plans is extremely critical to the overall effectiveness of any Management System. With this in mind, McDae has created a powerful and practical Management Review Training that includes:

  • The role of a Management Review in the effectiveness of a Quality Management System
  • What should and should not be included in a Management Review
  • Who should attend Management Reviews
  • How often Management Reviews should be conducted
  • How to prepare for and execute an effective Management Review

    Attendees receive a Participant's Workbook, a Mock Management Review, and a Management Review Presentation Template in conformance to the requirements of the applicable standard.

This training is often part of an implementation or given along with other trainings. Please contact us for more details and to discuss options to meet your specific needs.