Whether by new certification to a standard, or a large customer flowing down requirements, small businesses can quickly find themselves in a position where they must begin auditing suppliers without having the experience (capability) or the resources (capacity) needed to do this effectively.  McDae has both the capability and capacity needed to perform supplier audits on your behalf.

How this works

  • You inform a supplier that you are sending in a representative to perform an audit 
  • You provide McDae with the scope and objectives of the audit
  • McDae sends an auditor to conduct and document the audit (you are welcome to participate)
  • McDae provides you with a detailed audit report

Benefits of McDae performing your supplier audits

  • When McDae audits suppliers, they are more likely to provide you with better products and services 
  • Suppliers can't "hide" poor performance or "gaps" in their system from McDae's auditors
  • The output of McDae's audits are action items resulting in improvements & better performance

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