In this training attendees will learn / participate in:

  • How to prepare, execute, and document a thorough audit
  • Hands-on audit training and mock auditing
  • What an audit is, why audit, who audits, and when audits are performed
  • What the specific standard is and how it applies to the audit
  • What makes a great auditor and how to assemble a great audit team
  • Positive & negative characteristics of an auditor
  • Effective & ineffective audit questioning and listening techniques
  • How, when, and why to gather objective evidence
  • How to easily identify and correctly classify nonconformances
  • How to effectively document the audit results

This training is taught by experienced certified auditors who have practical experience as well as educational knowledge. Training materials are provided along with auditing tools that can be used to conduct audits. 
Participants will receive a comprehensive manual that includes:

  • Interpretation and clarification of the requirements in each section of the standard
  • The documents and records required for each section of the standard
  • Sample questions to ask for each section of the standard
  • Common audit findings to be aware of for each section of the standard
  • Classroom activities for additional learning and practice
  • Post course test

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