~ McDae has worked hard to earn our reputation and we work even harder to keep it ~

McDae's Quality Policy

McDae's entire team has been trained to put the needs, expectations, and desires of our clients ahead of our profit and personal preferences. McDae is not satisfied unless our clients are satisfied, and we are dedicated to excellence in all we do. Since "good enough" is not good enough for us, we believe "good enough" should not be good enough for our clients either. 

McDae's ultimate goal is to provide our clients with exceptional quality resources, extraordinary professional services, and to complete all of our projects on time every time, right the first time. We do it right, or we make it right...no questions asked. McDae also remains committed to maintaining and improving our own ISO 9001 Quality Management System to ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed! 

McDae's Quality Objectives

As a part of our desire for client satisfaction and continual improvement, McDae monitors and measures Quality Objectives.  

McDae strives to maintain the following objectives:

Client satisfaction rating of 100%
On-time/early project completion of >95%
Project completion within/under budget of >98%
Registrar audit nonconformances against McDae's QMS documented system = 0 

McDae's Philosophy

McDae's Team DOES NOT:

  • Come in and tell you what to do or how to do it
  • Force you to "do it our way"
  • Give you a one size fits all answer
  • Overwhelm you with complex documentation
  • Burden you with useless information and waste time

McDae's Team DOES:

  • Listen to and value your unique needs & desires
  • Respect your company's culture, staff, and expertise
  • Build on your pre-existing success and compliance
  • Offer you multiple customized options to choose from
  • Accomplish more with less

Our Team's Expertise Includes

  • Exemplar Certified Lead Management Systems Auditors
  • Former Small Business Owners 
  • Process / Quality Engineering
  • Project Management & Supply Chain Management
  • Production & Quality Control Management
  • Customer Service / Sales / Marketing & Branding

    Full bio's of our team are available upon request.