Ask yourself...

  • Is my company currently operating at its maximum potential?
  • Is my Management Team leading with precision and excellence?
  • Are my employees committed, engaged, and motivated to reach my goals?
  • Are my customers satisfied with my company's performance?
  • Are my sales, productivity, and profits consistently increasing?
  • Do I have the right people in the right positions?

If you honestly answered "NO" to any of the above questions, then allow one of McDae's Business Coaches to turn that no into a YES!

Types of Business Coaching we offer are...

Strategy Development

Ask yourself...

Strategy Development is the foundation needed to transform mediocre into magnificent. If no one knows where they going they cannot possibly know what they must do to get there, and if no one knows what they must do, then everyone is going to do whatever is the easiest for them.    

Strategy development is not simply coining a new slickly worded mission statement, creating a fancy new logo, or adopting a new faddy tag line, it is much deeper than that. Strategy development identifies and unites the culture, direction, values, and habits of a company with the culture, directions, values, and habits of its market and customer base. McDae can assist you in transforming your current strategy or developing a completely new strategy with proven tools and techniques.

A well designed business strategy influences and impacts:

  • The recruiting, hiring, training, performance evaluation, and promotion processes
  • The internal and external communication practices 
  • The marketing and advertising activities
  • The Organizational Chart and management structure
  • The metrics and data that is studied for resource allocation
  • Employee motivation and empowerment

If you would like a strategic analysis of your company, or are in need of a new/revised business strategy contact McDae today to talk with a Business Coach. 

Leadership Development

Leadership Development is the key to building a Management Team that executes with precision and excellence.  Leadership Development is more than sending someone to a self-help seminar, or having your management team read the latest business book, and it goes far beyond doing a quick team-building exercise. McDae can assist you in revolutionizing your current team or building a completely new team with proven tools and techniques.

Developing your management team includes:

  • Multi-directional Perception Assessments
  • Personality Disposition Assessments 
  • Team Dynamic Assessments
  • Team Development Activities

If you would like to here more about McDae's Leadership Development or any other Business Coaching, call or email us today.

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