In this seminar your employees will learn:

  • The basic essentials of the standard your company is certified to
  • What your certification means and how important it is
  • How the requirements of the standard impact their daily tasks
  • How their daily tasks impact your certification
  • Who is responsible for what, and why that matters
  • Your company's specific manual, policy and objectives
  • Your company's specific processes and procedures
  • How to participate in root cause, corrective action, and continuous improvement
  • The do's and do not's of document and record control

Companies who provide their employees with a comprehensive overview of both the standard and associated QMS have a more effectively maintained system and experience fewer nonconformances during audits. This training communicates the value and need of employee participation, increases employee morale, and generates greater participation and understanding of the system. Contact us today to schedule your training or for more information.

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