The Value of a Consultant

Consultants are specialists. Much like lawyers are hired because they are specialist in the law due to their unique knowledge and experience, McDae consultants are specialist in the standards. McDae knows what is required and we know how to get it done. Why waste valuable time trying to do something yourself when you can invest in an expert who will do it on your behalf and with better efficiency and greater effectiveness?

Many things are required in the Standards (ISO, AS9100, etc.) that are so vague and broad that businesses do not know what is meant by different requirements and time and money are wasted trying to implement and in the end they have to redo things.  Most businesses, without having a specialist on staff, will need to bring a consultant in. 

Time is money and effectiveness is profit. 

Time - Consultants can accomplish in days, what can take weeks or months on your own.  

Effectiveness -  Consultants have an collection of proven resources along with a wealth of best practices and lessons learned, gained from years of practical experience.

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