Auditing is a crucial tool that can be used for multiple purposes. One form of auditing is a Gap Analysis. Gap Analyses are used to compare the current state of company documents and operations to the unique requirements of a specific set of standards, regulations, and/or rules. Gap Analyses are typically used to prepare for a management system implementation project. 

Internal Audits are another tool that is primarily used to determine the conformance between a fully implemented management system and the standard that it is certified to.  **Internal Audits are required to become certified and then regularly by each organization.

The final form of auditing are Supplier Audits.  The primary purpose of Supplier Audits is to evaluate a potential new supplier and/or current suppliers to determine the extent to which a supplier is conforming to your specific flowdown requirements.

The decision to perform audits using an internal team of employees verses contracting the services of an external auditing expert, such as McDae Global, is a critical decision that should be considered by every company.

You should consider outsourcing your audits if your company is...

  1. Currently seeking to implement a new management system for certification
  2. Currently behind schedule with your Internal Audits
  3. Missing nonconformances in your Internal Audits that the registrar is finding
  4. Receiving nonconformances and/or negative feedback from your Internal Audit Program
  5. If you want to receive an objective and thorough look at your suppliers

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