McDae's experience has concluded that most people "volunteered" to be Internal Auditors do not have the background, skills, or experience required to conduct value adding Internal Audits, and since auditing is not their primary role they also do not have the appropriate amount of time needed to dedicate to a thorough audit. We have also learned that internal auditors often hesitate in documenting nonconformances because they don't want to be the "bad guy".

With all of this in mind, please consider the benefits of allowing McDae to perform your Internal Audits:

  • McDae auditors are certified, unbiased, thorough,and objective 
  • McDae auditors are more likely to find nonconformances prior to the registrar auditor finding them
  • McDae provides a comprehensive detailed audit report that includes objective evidence
  • If time allows, we can offer free on-the-spot consulting while completing the internal audit
  • McDae will give you a better return on your investment compared to using an internal team
  • Your company can continue to operate uninterrupted throughout the entire audit

What an Internal Audit from McDae looks like:

  • Detailed hour by hour audit schedule provided in advance of the audit 
  • Audit begins with an opening meeting for anyone to attend
  • Audit is conducted by interviewing personnel and gathering objective evidence  
  • End the audit with a closing meeting to verbally present the audit results
  • McDae provides you with a comprehensive Internal Audit Checklist Report that consistently receives compliments from registrar auditors 
  • McDae provides you with an overall Internal Audit Summary Report to use at the next Management Review 
  • McDae can provide additional support assisting in the correction of any nonconformances found

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