Comprehensive Internal Audits are critical to the effectiveness of a company's Management System, and the quality of the audit is directly related to experience of the auditor. 

McDae's auditors have the background, skills, training and experience required to conduct value adding Internal Audits. Auditing is not your employees' primary role and they likely will not have the appropriate amount of time or experience needed to dedicate to a thorough and proper Internal Audit. Outsourcing Internal Audits can be the most effective way to ensure the best overall results and many companies are moving in this direction.

Benefits of McDae's Internal Audits:

Certified, unbiased, thorough, and objective auditors

More likely to find nonconformances prior to the registrar auditor finding them

Comprehensive detailed audit reports that include objective evidence

Free on the spot consulting while completing the internal audit

Keeps your workforce performing their primary tasks

Takes the stress off you!


What an Internal Audit from McDae looks like:

  • Detailed hour by hour audit schedule provided prior to the audit 
  • Opening and closing meetings 
  • Interviewing personnel and gathering objective evidence  
  • Comprehensive Internal Audit Checklist Report with embedded objective evidence
  • Internal Audit Summary Report to use during Management Review 

McDae will be happy to provide you with a sample audit report upon request. 

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