Gap Analyses save you precious resources and prevent future problems. There are two options every company must face before getting certified to an international standard. Option one, have an employee read the standard in an attempt to identify what is needed to achieve certification, or option two, allow a consultant who is an expert in that standard do this for you. This decision will have a direct impact on investment of time and internal resources spent along with the future quality of the implemented system.

Benefits of allowing McDae to perform your Gap Analysis

  • We posses in-depth knowledge, personal experience, and expertise in the specific standard(s)  
  • We utilize years of lessons learned, bench marking, and best practices to assist in identifying gaps 
  • We can identify implementation aspects live during the identification of gaps
  • We can provide "on the spot" consulting and advise during the Gap Analysis
  • We can customize an implementation plan based upon your unique challenges and opportunities 
  • You receive a comprehensive Gap Analysis Report with a detailed project plan

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