Get Certified: FAQ & Steps

Here are the 6 most frequently asked questions about getting certified.

How long does it take to get certified?

Depending on the standard and the size of your company it can take as little as 4-6 months but usually no longer than 1 year. Call if you have an emergency for getting certified very quickly.

How many days will the consultant need to be at our company?

The amount of days needed depend upon the standard, size of your company, and level of involvement you want from McDae. McDae has implemented systems in as little as 12 days (with time in between visits to generate records of working the system), the average implementation needs 25 days, but we have seen projects go up to 40 days. 

Can McDae do everything for us

Yes, McDae can create the entire system for you, however your company would need to execute the system and generate the records needed to provide evidence that the systems is being followed. 

What if we need help between the consultants on site visits?

At no extra cost you are encouraged to contact McDae with questions, concerns, or advice between visits.

What if we have multiple sites in different locations?

McDae's expertise includes creating "global" management systems that provide your company with the perfect balance of synergy and freedom between sites. 

What will all this cost?

The cost varies due to the standard, size of the company, and level of involvement from McDae. For example, McDae has successfully helped small companies get ISO 9001 certified for under $10,000 and we have also led large corporations towards multi-standard / multi-site certifications with project budgets over $150,000. 

Free Consultation

You can speak directly with one of our Project Managers to discuss your company's unique needs, current circumstances, budget, obstacles and goals. McDae uses this information to create a CUSTOMIZED project plan and proposal that will successfully get your company certified.

Custom Proposal

McDae will provide a detailed proposal (in accordance to the latest revision of ISO 10019:2005 Guidelines for the Selection of Quality Management System Consultants and the Use of Their Services) for your review. Your proposal details the project scope, mutual expectations, cost, time frame of the project, and more. Upon your acceptance of the proposal, the project kick-off day will be scheduled and the project begins!

System Implementation

Create your Manual / Policy / Objectives
Create your Documented Processes
Create your Documented Procedures and Forms
Create your Logs/Matrices/Databases
Train your management & employees
Conduct an Internal Audit and Management Review

Achieve Certification

Stage 1 registrar audit: Auditor evaluates your documented system to ensure it is audit-able and that it conforms to the standard.

Stage 2 registrar audit: Auditor evaluates your company's operational activities to ensure they conform to your system.

Receive certification and celebrate!