McDae recommends having one of our consultants at your first registrar audit (excluding IATF 16949 which is not allowed). 

Depending on the auditor assigned to your company, the experience of a registrar audit can be as simple as providing good coffee and lunch and you pass (lick & stick auditor), all the way to the difficulty of an auditor completely taking over your system and running your entire company (power hungry auditor). 

Over the years McDae has seen auditors give a clean bill of health to companies without having the records required by the standard and McDae has also observed auditors completely tear apart healthy and effective systems because the company wasn’t doing it the way the auditor would do it.  It is also common for auditors to fall into the unethical behavior of becoming consultants.

If your company has been the victim of a lick-and-stick auditor and/or has been bullied by a power hungry auditor, or if your company wants protection from either of those, McDae can provide your company with on-site support during your registrar audits.  This support includes:

  • Bridging any interpretational gaps between your company and the auditor
  • Ensuring the auditor sticks to the audit plan and does not become a consultant
  • Protection from an auditor forcing activities that are not legitimate requirements
  • Negotiating audit findings and doing live solutions to avoid nonconformances