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If you answer yes to any of the questions below you should outsource your Internal Audits to McDae

1. Are you currently behind schedule in conducting your Internal Audits?
2. Are you consistently postponing Internal Audits because your auditors are too busy?
3. Do you have to hurry up and rush through Internal Audits at the last second because your Registrar Audit is coming up?
4. Do your auditors miss nonconformances that the Registrar Auditor finds?

The truth is, most people "selected" to be Internal Auditors do not have the background, skills, or experience required to conduct value adding Internal Audits, and since auditing is not their primary role they also do not have the appropriate amount of time needed to dedicate to a thorough audit. We have also learned that internal auditors often hesitate in documenting nonconformances because they don't want to be the "bad guy". 

With all of this in mind, please consider the benefits of allowing McDae to perform your Internal Audits:

  • McDae auditors are certified, unbiased, thorough and objective 
  • Your employees do not have extensive auditing experienced which results in a less thorough audit 
  • Your employees are not professional auditors, it will take them more time than your company should allocate to it
  • Your employees are more likely to miss nonconformances, which a registrar auditor will likely find
  • You receive a comprehensive audit report and summary report, complete with objective evidence
  • If time allows, we can offer free on-the-spot consulting while completing the internal audit
  • McDae will give you a better return on your investment
  • Your company can continue to operate uninterrupted throughout the entire audit
  • McDae's auditors use the latest auditing software 

What an Internal Audit from McDae looks like:
  • Contact us for a phone consultation and quote (proposal) CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US
  • Finalize and accept the proposal
  • Schedule dates that work for your company 
  •  Audit begins with an opening meeting with key staff and Quality Management Representative
  •  Audit is conducted in the amount of days needed for your size company and scope of the audit 
  •  After the audit is complete there is a closing meeting to verbally go over any findings or recommendations
  •  McDae provides you with a comprehensive Internal Audit Checklist Report that consistently receives compliments from registrar auditors 
  •  McDae provides you with an overall Internal Audit Summary Report to use at the next Management Review
  • McDae is available for free follow up audit report questions, and to assist you (if needed) in correcting any nonconformances found

Schedules for our auditors fill up fast, if this is a RUSH, please contact us right away so we can work with you 866-536-9995 or email us today!


Reasons to outsource all your Supplier Audits to McDae:

  • You may not be currently performing supplier audits (some standards require them)
  • McDae auditors are experienced and objective and will always be looking out for you, our client
  • When suppliers are audited, they are more likely to provide you with better products and services 
  • Reduces cost of employing personnel for this task
  • Our team includes experts in the standards / specs that your suppliers should be following
  • Suppliers can take advantage of inexperienced employees
  • You receive a comprehensive audit report with objective evidence
  • Employees are not experienced resulting in an ineffective supplier audit 
  • McDae will give you a better return on your investment 

Contact us today and we will call you to discuss what is involved. 


Q: What is the difference between a Gap Analysis Audit (GAA) and a regular Internal Audit?

A: A Gap Analysis audits your system alone to a standard, it does not audit if are following it. It takes less time to do a GAA and is a good option for companies that have experienced staff on hand to implement the gaps that we find and want to save money.

McDae auditors are experts in the requirements of the standards and will quickly identify gaps in your Quality Management System if you are starting from scratch with no current certifications, upgrading to a new revision, or adding a new standard to your certification portfolio.

  • McDae auditors can identify simple solutions at the time a gap is discovered
  • McDae can save your company from wasting resources by focusing on true gaps 
  • You receive a comprehensive gap analysis report 

Contact us today and we will call you to discuss what is involved.